Songs of Songs

In 2015 the Jewish Museum in Prague asked Podwal to create works for its exhibition Come My Beloved - Illustrations for Song of Songs. For each of the biblical book's eight chapters, Podwal created an acrylic painting on paper. The titles of the works are from Marcia Falk's translation.

Song of Songs 1:5

Yes, I am black! and radiant—

O city women watching me—

Song of Songs 2:2

Brightest flower--

I choose you from all others

For my love.

Song of Songs 3:4

When they have gone, I find him

And I won’t let him go.

Song of Songs 4:16

Come, north winds and south winds!

Breathe upon my garden.

Bear its fragrance to my lover,

Let him come and share its treasures.

Song of Songs 5:7

The men who roam the streets,

guarding the walls,

beat me and tear away my robe.

Song of Songs 6:4

Striking as Tirza

you are, my love,

bright as Jerusalem,

frightening as visions!

Song of Songs 7:13

And the pomegranate boughs unfold their blossoms.

Song of Songs 8:11-12

The king has a vineyard

Whose fruit is worth silver.

I have a vineyard—